Durham County Veteran Ladies' Golf Association


    Unfortunately records from the period between 1960 and 1973 do not seem to have survived and the next Minute Book begins in 1974 when the President was Mrs J Wilson and the first two Captains (serving two years) were Ena Milburn and Olive Edwards.   Captains from 1978  were: Mrs P. Urwin, Mrs Mary Taylorson,  Mrs J Jones, Mrs Mary Vine,  Mrs Eve Hudspith,  Mrs Betty Staincliffe and in 1988/9 Mrs Florence Kinsella.  In 1982 Mrs Milburn  became President and she was followed by Mrs M Lewtas.  Records from 1990 onwards are complete and as follows:




1990 / 1      Mrs Connie Suthering      Mrs Dorothy Harrison
1992 / 3      Mrs Connie Suthering      Mrs Doreen Smith
1994 / 5      Mrs Mary Taylorson      Mrs Doris Cole
1996 / 7      Mrs Mary Taylorson        Mrs Anne Biggs
1998 / 9      Mrs Olive Edwards      Mrs Ruth Emeleus
2000      Mrs Dorothy Harrison      Mrs Suzanne Calder
2001      Mrs Dorothy Harrison          Mrs Wendy Mitchell
2002      Mrs Olive Gray      Mrs Marjorie Hall
2003      Mrs Olive Gray      Mrs Marguerite Palmer
2004      Mrs Betty Staincliffe      Mrs Veronica Holloway
2005      Mrs Betty Staincliffe      Mrs Margaret Robinson
2006      Mrs Eve Hudspeth      Ms Ruth Lindley
2007      Mrs Eve Hudspeth      Ms Gill Birkby
2008      Mrs Ruth Emeleus      Mrs Ruth Studholme
2009      Mrs Ruth Emeleus      Mrs Jackie Gill
2010      Mrs Sheila Dunn      Mrs Di Spence
2011      Mrs Sheila Dunn      Mrs Mary Snowdon
2012      Mrs Anne Biggs      Mrs Chris Pascall
2013      Mrs Anne Biggs      Mrs Di Wilson
2014      Mrs Wendy Mitchell      Mrs Lesley Still
2015      Mrs Wendy Mitchell      Ms Ruth Lindley
2016      Mrs Veronica Holloway      Mrs Pat Jones
2017      Mrs Veronica Holloway      Mrs Aileen Carter
2018      Ms Gill Birkby      Mrs Rosie Preston