Durham County Veteran Ladies' Golf Association

Hello Ladies and Happy Easter to you,

How quickly life has changed for us all.  Without golf what do we do?  ☹️

As Officials we have been working behind the scenes discussing the possibilities of golf this year and fixtures for the 2021 season.

As for ourselves…….Exercise in any form is so important for both mind and body, we both look forward to our daily walks with varying routes each day, Jennifer and Keith exploring around their neighbourhood.      Lesley’s speed of walk depending on which era of music is playing on her iphone, 60’s/70’s/80’s or Bocelli, very eclectic taste.  Some non golfers would say playing golf spoils a good walk, how wrong they are.

Somehow a game of golf was always far more attractive than gardening, household chores……some of us are now unleashing hidden talents, interior designing, gardening, sewing, cookery, learning a foreign language, learning sign language, the list is endless. Enjoy.

Zoom and Happy House have opened up a new world for both of us, being able to keep in touch with friends and family is so important, especially Grandchildren.  Jennifer is trying out Zoom for the first time this week, fingers crossed she will manage to get it to work!

It is lovely to sit in our gardens, watching the birds and butterflies, a coffee or better still a glass of wine in hand and realise how lucky we are.

We are in challenging times and whilst our families are uppermost in our minds, golf has brought us together and gives us great pleasure and life-long friendships.  Whenever we are able to grace the fairways again, don’t worry whether you can hit the ball well……enjoy being with friends and live life to the full.

Keep smiling, keep positive, keep safe.

Lesley and Jennifer    Easter