Durham County Veteran Ladies' Golf Association


I’ve been really looking forward to getting the golfing season started and what better way to get things going than with the ever-popular American Scramble?

Whitburn Golf Club was a new venue for this competition but the club made us very welcome and their staff could not have been more helpful or accommodating.  They served us teas, coffees, scones and I saw lots of very tasty looking food being carried out of the kitchen too.  The course was very enjoyable and presented a challenge for our players. The weather was cold but we were so lucky that the previous day’s mist and rain did not make an appearance so we all stayed dry.

It was a very big field and in the end our winners romped home with a superb net score of 64.5. Very well done to them and thank you to everyone who attended.  I noticed that amongst the players in teams that won prizes a lot of them had attended the Vet’s coaching events that had been held over the past couple of months. Is that a coincidence? Or does it confirm that the more you practice the luckier you get? I’ll let you decide………..

With every competition we seem to learn more.  It was clear from some of the feedback I received that in future we need to have bigger intervals between tee times for this event.  There were times when there were a couple of teams waiting to play on a tee. That will change for next year because it is important that everyone enjoys their games and nobody likes waiting around to play.  I would also ask that players keep in mind their own pace of play. A few groups did fall behind due to slow play and this is very frustrating for other competitors.  Please please keep up with the game in front of you and if you are unable to do that then call the game behind you through. This will ensure that there are no big gaps in the field and everyone keeps moving.  

Thank you to everyone who helped to run the competition. Your help, enthusiasm and dedication is very much appreciated.