Durham County Veteran Ladies' Golf Association


Our final inter County match this season was a Bronze match against Cumbria played at Blackwell Grange in Darlington on Monday 29thJuly. The shield for this match was presented in 1992 by Mrs Dorothy Harrison (Durham) and Mrs Mouli Moore (Cumbria) and was won last year at Stoneyholme by Durham.  Cumbria were eager to try and win it back just as Durham were eager to retain it!  

Our pairs were:

  1. Maureen Ewart and Heather Milburn
  2. Tracey Watson and Liz Steel 
  3. Carole Zissler and Sue I’Anson 
  4. Carolyn Maxey and Val Facchini 
  5. Jenny Boanson and Irene Allcroft 
  6. Jane Moore and Lorraine Gallagher 

Jennifer Dixon, our Vice-Captain selected our Bronze team and paired them up for the 4bbb match against Cumbria.  Everyone was looking forward to the match and as we set off there was a light drizzle but it was warm.  Within no time at all the weather had improved and our players were all engaged in tight games that swung first one way and then the other. Most of the matches finished on the 17thor 18thholes and this will tell you how finely the match result was balanced.  The end result was a win for Cumbria of 4 points to 2.  PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR THE PHOTOS

The matches were so close and in fact the result could have easily gone either way. The main thing I noticed was that in every case, all of the players came off the course with large smiles on their faces and new friendships were forged.  That’s the great thing about golf, it can be such a lovely social treat as well as exercise and a test of skill. I could tell that our players were disappointed but I know they all tried as hard as they could and we will just have to channel all of that into our efforts for next year and regain the trophy when we play in Cumbria.

Well done team, well done Jennifer and thank you to everyone who came to Blackwell to support the players.  After the match we enjoyed a lovely meal in the clubhouse and 5 of our players were awarded their County Colours after representing Durham for the first time. They were:

  1. Tracey Watson 
  2. Carolyn Maxey 
  3. Jenny Boanson
  4. Irene Allcroft 
  5. Lorraine Gallagher 

Congratulations to you all and I hope that this will be the first of many matches that you play for Durham in the future.